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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Feeling Like The Holidays

I dont know why, But i felt like making halloween cakes. so here is some of the things i made... not the best things i have made, but what the heck. I like them.

Well.. these arent very halloween-like. but on the other hand.....mmmmm....yummy!

The canes shown below will later be cut up into smaller canes
and used to make candy canes.
They look huge in the picture but they are really small in real life.
I tried to experiment by making some form of water. This is for the garden scape or on the porch...or even in the living room of a very fancy house.
(its about the size of a quarter)

O.K. here it is!
(Pretty much every thing is the size of a quarter or smaller)

 YAY!!! Jack-o-lanterns!
 I know this is less-than-appealing~ But i stand by my performance...and i think it is cute!

And somewhere along the way... i felt like christmas.

Well i hope you have enjoyed everything so far. And i will be seeing you sometime soon!
And i should ask these ladies for lessons... They are like professionals when it comes to taking pictures!!!

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