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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter Bunnies Galore

Over these past few days I have managed to create a bundle of bunnies.  They are extremly cute, if I do say so myself.  :)  These are just some of the cutest ones I have made. My Mom talked me into creating something cute for Easter. So I managed to make a pattern after sitting down and experimenting for a few hours.  I am willing to take orders to match the ones shown below.  They are $7.00 each plus shipping. Here is the bunny "Clan" at their happiest.

     They are made to hold either a carrot, radish or onion.  I mainly have the colors shown in the pictures, but I also have others, just post a comment to ask what other colors I have. Their noses could be either a bead or crocheted. Their eye are beads, so NOT intended for children to play with (choking hazard).  Their ears could be fat, skinny, short, long, floppy or any other idea you might have... I can do anything!!  I can also make them with thread so they come out really tiny if you like. (however, the smaller ones cost 9.00 each)  Depending on what you or the bunny wants, they can wear a ribbon or a bow or nothing at all.
  Here is my Mom's favorite bunny. So far I have made 17 bunnies! Except for my Mom wants them all. ;)
 Please dont hesitate to leave a comment or email me if you are interested in ordering one...or two or however many
  Have a wonderful day and Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Small Bits of Luck Coming Your Way

And so there is another day of my crochet madness. i made these with cotton thread and very tiny needles! My eyes are still pretty sore from looking at them so close! After experimenting for an hour or two, i managed to come up with 2 new sizes.So now i have a large, medium and small shamrock... all available for purchase.
they aren't really that big.. but they are so cute!
the smallest one is the size of a penny. here is the small.

the medium.....

and of coarse.. the original.

 hope you like my new shamrocks!
leave me a comment or send me an e-mail!
have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March is Here!!!!

wow! Its hard to believe that February has come and gone already. For the past couple of weeks, it has been pretty warm. I actually wore shorts and a t-shirt outside for the first time in what seems like forever now! Although, yesterday it snowed. it went from calm and warm, to blizzard like conditions in like .... 5 minutes. And today was warmish and windy, so all the snow melted. After it was OK to go outside, i looked down at my feet and saw something. Who would have guessed that this little tiny something would have made me so happy and exited?! And the closer i got to it.... the more i saw! this little thing has told me that winter is just about over.... I'll tell you something, i have never missed the color green so much in my entire life.i love summer and i cant wait for it to get here!
the more i looked around... the more there was.
my flowers are even coming up!
Seeing a bunch of liveliness outside from what had been grey, and dead
for months now, put me in a green mood.
And by green... i mean lucky.
That's right! i have officially started my "St. Patricks day crochet madness time!"
 i sat down, and just started going crazy. this pattern turned out to be so cute....
i just couldn't stop.look how cute they are!

they make perfect pins, hair barrettes, or even gift bag fillers!
if you are interested in buying any..... they are $1 ea. plz feel free to
leave a comment or e-mail me.
 have a wonderful day and 
* GOOD LUCK!!!! *